about mary amanda's salon...
Mary Amanda graduated from INTERNATIONAL
worked for 5 years at Stylart Salon in Salt Lake
City.  She moved to London and Paris, cutting
hair in Paris and eventually opening a salon in
Chelsea, London which featured punk styling.  
She moved back to the US and in 1985 opened

mary amanda's studio
in 'eclectic vintage
boutique' until she outgrew the space.  She
opened Salt Lake's first full service salon in 1989
which featured not only a full service hair, nails,
skin and massage salon but also a video store,
coffee shop and art gallery.  She finished her
University degrees in music and history during
that time and began her harp career.  After
changing the law to allow legal salons within the
home, she opened
the beauty garden in
1994 and has run it successfully since.  
Mary Amanda and her partner Brenda are here
to meet all your beauty needs today!
Thank you for your patronage and support.